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Size : Large
Racial Penalty : 2
Possible Alignment(s) : Evil
Resists : Fire(%100)
Vulners : Cold(%30)
Inherent Abilities : Tailuse(Off-Deff), Tailswing
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Thief,  Cleric, Anti-Paladin, Monk, Channeler, Nightwalker, Necromancer, Elementalist
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(23), Int:(22), Wis:(23), Dex:(19), Con:(19)

Half snake and half man, these monstrous creatures are no half breeds. They are a unique monstrous race to themselves, lower part of a yuan-ti is that of a large snake, covered with thick scales ranging in different colors, but most of the yuan-ti has reddish scale colors. The upper part of the creature’s body is mostly humanoid, though the head resembles that of a giant snake, with sickly yellow eyes, and a sharp mouth housing fanged teeth and a forked tongue, lower body scales merge with the moist skin of the creature at the waist, but warious parts of its upper body still has some scaled areas as well. Due to their physical features, yuan-ti cannot wear items on their legs and feet -since they do not have any-, but their tail is deadly in combat, a yuan-ti may utilize it as a defensize limb, by which it can block blows or use it as an offensive natural weapon to crush its enemies or even hurl them away. Yuan-ti are vicious creatures of evil, and they seek to dominate other species and use them as slaves. Yuan-ti have a cunning mind and they possess a cold, calculating insight, though their bodies are strong, they are not agile. Yuan-ti clerics are respected in their society, yuan-ti magicians are rare but deadly, and some of them decide to hone their skills in fighting either as warriors or anti-paladins.