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Size : Medium
Racial Penalty : 3
Possible Alignment(s) : Good
Resists : Fire(%30)
Vulners :
Inherent Abilities : Deepdive, Raise Tidal Wve
Possible Class Types : Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Channeler, Elementalist
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(17), Int:(24), Wis:(25), Dex:(20), Con:(16)

Tritons are half sea creatures, half humans. Tritons lived in large undersea kingdoms in the prime world, where they have been granted with the ability to walk the lands of air breathing creatures. Some of the tritons refused the will of their gods, and never walked out of their undersea kingdoms, but some travelled the other lands, when a cataclysm occured and their undersea kingdoms were destroyed they were scattered to the realms of Outlands. A triton carries many features from their ancestors, these features vary, some can be seen as large fish-like mouthes, some as gills behind their necks. Most of their bodies are covered with coloured scales, mostly green or blue, and they shine with an inner light, giving the triton a majestic appearance. Tritons are naturel wielders of magic, their capable minds allow them to cast almost every spell and become accomplished magicians, tough they generally tend to study the art of elements, especially water. Even non-magician tritons have the ability to command water, and dissolve into it. Tritons cannot withstand extreme heat or cold, they like to live in the warm waters of their homeland, thus, they have a serious vulnerability to heat and cold. Tritons, as good willed creatures always walk the path
of light.