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The Tree of Life

When the Creator of Life breathed life into his children, he was proud of his creations and the world he created to them. But then came the corrupters of his beautiful realm. With it came the swift and deadly wrath of the Lord of the Light, he commanded his followers to form the house Life around the Tree of Life. And the faithful followers obeyed his bidding…

House Life is dedicated to the purifying of the world from the soulless evils that corrupt it. Those without souls seek to bring the rest of the world down to their level and this is what the House will defend against. The members of House Life devote what they have to fight and slay the soulless and to make this realm a better and peaceful place to live.

Golgrath, the Lord of Light is the current master of House Life.

Those of good alignment and who seek to clean the world from the soulless can apply to be members of House Life.

The candidates must be above 40th level and they must follow the rules strictly.