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When the creator of life breathed the gift of life into his creations, there existed only the beauty and the light. For uncountable years, the mortals lived through the rules put there to make them ‘good’ people of the realm. Some changed slowly, they were the ones who saw the path of balance, they also were accepted by the ‘good’ people of the realm.
Everything was alright… but for a time…

Then arrived the dark wave of darkness and corruption to the lands of the mortals. The mortals have been thought the ways of darkness and evil, and they formed new sects, to oppose the forces of light, to battle them. They could be successful, but there existed a power who helped his children, a power who they could not even imagine to oppose. So they failed…

Then came the man who led the armies of darkness to victory against the forces of good, and that man gained power through the beliefs of his followers in the great battle and he ascended to godhood. The followers of this man formed a new house, a house where the followers of darkness gathered and raised their prayers to the Lord of the Damned. After those men and women, many generations came and gathered around the dark house, and they named the house in the name of their ancestors as the house Ancient.

And for long millenia house Ancient spread corruption and evil to the lands of the mortals. House Ancient seeks members who are professionals of murder and who delight on the act of killing, rather those people seek the gathering place which is called as House Ancient.

Elrion, the Lord of the Damned is the current master of House Ancient.


Those of evil alignment can only be members of House Ancient.

The candidates must also be above 40th rank and they must follow the rules strictly.