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Crime existed since the beginning of the time. When the first cities are built and when the people began to live together, they also created an enemy, an enemy which will live with them for eternity perhaps: Crime.

The criminals were born among the very people who decided to live together. The powerful got everything he wanted, crushing the weak under their iron fists, the criminals formed sects and their sects divided the realm among themselves, forming alliances and treaties to end the open warfare among themselves and unleash the crime wave over the unprotected citizens of the realm. The rulers of the cities and the kingdoms could do nothing but bow their heads before the powerful outlaws. The chaos and anarchy were spreading like a pestilence, the days of peace and order were left in the forgotten histories of the past.

As the dark days swept over the realm with the ascension of the Lord of the Damned, the good hearted people formed themselves a house which tried to clean the evil from the surface of the realms. And on the other hand a small group of individuals formed an elite force which is solely depended on discipline and order to clean the cities from the criminals. Their quest was blessed with the touch of Lady Morgana who wanted to keep balance and neutrality throughout the realm, so she decided to help these new people to bring a balance to law and chaos, and thus she granted them powers to track down and destroy their enemies. With each passing day thisgroup found more followers who wanted to join their ranks. And with the final finishing touch of Lady Morgana the House Enforcer has been formed.

The battle of order and chaos still rages all over the realms, but now enforcers have some protected cities where they prevent crime and disorder and protect the citizens of the cities from the raging criminals. The enforcers are judge, jury and executioners of those who try to break the laws in the protected areas of the realm. They are in an endless war with the sect of criminals who named themselves as house Outlaw. The lawful individuals regardless of their path of darkness or light may be members of house Enforcer to join this battle in the side of law and order.

Ripley Lorraine, the Protector of Law and Order is the current mistress of House Enforcer.

Those of lawful ethos and non-evil align may apply to join the ranks of House Enforcer.

The candidates must be above 40th rank and they must follow the rules and the laws strictly.