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All of the creatures of the realms has a primal urge in them to war with others, even among their own kind. This urge to battle is carried by all but it is made into an art by only a few. And this art is a lifestyle for many individuals.

Generally named as ‘the Warriors’, the people who earn their life by means of their muscles and swordarms lived for many centuries, since the beginning of the known histories, may be longer than that. Things were fine in the beginning, they were the masters of combat, and the most feared ones in the battlefield, actually the only people in the battlefield. As the years passed people learned other arts, and the worst of them for the honoured warriors was the art of magic. The weak who even cannot wield a simple sword learned the darkest of the arts, challanging the righteous combat skills of the warriors. The battlefield had new players to change the colours of the picture then. The cursed magic-wielders were now trying to find a place for themselves in the field where the honoured warriors once bled and died.

Some veteran warriors gathered, each a master of the combat arts, they gathered and prayed for their Queen, the Queen of Steel. This time not for the success in the battlefield against honoured warriors, but against the dishonourable magicians, who has powers beyond their understanding, who corrupted the battlefield¬† and who fought without honour. Their Queen has heard their prayers, she granted each with her blessings, with powers so great that these warriors could stand against the treacherous ways of magicians. And these great men and women began their path which was drawn before them by their Queen, the path leading to the death of filthy magicians, their obliteration from the realms. They fought with honour and courage, as they’ve always did, their crusade against the magicians were never forgotten and they were named as the first of the CRUSADERS.

Many brave and honourable man followed their path after them. Naming themselves as the Crusaders and battling against magic all over the realms. They lived and died with their honour and courage in the battlefield. Still they carry the crusade which was started by their ancestors, trying to honour both themselves and the people who created the path of valor.

Morgana the Overpower of War and Peace is the current mistress of house Crusader.

House Crusader only accepts those who master the combat arts, Warriors and Thieves are welcomed, and with them Rangers and Monks who leave the magical powers granted to them, behind may also apply for house Crusader. There is no restrictin in alignment or race for the candidates, but they must avoid magic and try to battle against it with honour and courage.

The candidates must be above 20th rank and follow the rules and the Crusader Code strictly.