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When the creatures of the realm have came to a certain level of understanding things, they have realized that they been given a gift by their creator. The Creator of Life, has also granted his creations a power to create and solve mysteries of the world. It was the power to wield and command magic.

At the beginning few people could understand what magic was, those people were finding each other by chance, and they could understand each other’s nature. It was hard to exchange the experiances and knowledges they gained through their lives in those days. But later the magicians -as they begin to call themselves- begin to gather and form guilds, there were different forms of magic and of course different magicians. The way they look to the world was also different, one thing in common, their love for magic and its mysteries.

With the passing years the orders and the guilds they’ve formed become stronger and stronger, everything was allright. Till the day some bloodthirsty warriors assaulted their guilds, killing magicians all over the world. The peaceful days of study and learning were destroyed by the ‘holy’ crusade of the warriors, the magicians escaped, with all they could gather, the ancient tomes, scrolls and other things which contained their knowledge gathered through long years. All they could to was to hide in a forest, there the priests of light came and found them, offering their help. The help they offered was nothing but their faith in their lord, so they prayed for his help, to protect the magicians who were gifted with the power to wield magic. Lord Freia showed a path to his gifted children, so the tower of magic and with it House Arcana was formed.

The magicians sent the warriors back and they swore to protect the magic and its users from all who oppose their art. Even the young apprentices of those days are now known as great magicians once lived centuries ago. The members of house Arcana are now dedicated to the protection of magic and magic users throughout the realms.

Freia the Overpower of the Art is the current master of house Arcana

Only Necromancers, Channelers, Elementalists and Clerics are allowed to enter the ranks of house Arcana. Non-chaotic ethos is also required.

The candidates must be above 40th rank and must follow the rules strictly.