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Outlaw, Criminals in Union

Order and discipline is something that some people cannot accept as a life style. Those people behave in a disordered and chaotic way, obeying no rules but their own.

With the building cities and the beginning of the civilization, crime has begun also. Powerful outlaws has been crushing the weaker citizens of the cities since the beginning of the civilization. It was fine for the outlaws at the beginning, since there was none to stand against them, they were using the rulers of the cities as their puppets, and people had no choice but to obey the rules of the outlaws and accept the things done to them. The outlaws divided the realm among themselves ruling over the parts which belong to themselves, till the enforcers formed and came over the outlaws as a nightmare.

The encampents of outlaws were destroyed, their members executed and they were losing everything they had so quickly that they could not understand what is going on. There was only one way, it was risky, to what end would it come could not be predicted, but they raised their prayers to Lord of the Damned, the god who brought darkness and chaos to the realm. Lord of the Damned could well destroy them all, but he did not, indeed he helped the outlaws to form a house which they can gather and continue their activities against the enforcers of the realm, thus the House Outlaw was founded.

Members of house Outlaw are known criminals, any kind of crime is accepted and appreciated by the members of Outlaw. They still fight against the enforcers to bring chaos to the realms once more, and to return the glorious days, when they were the supreme rulers by their crimes.

Reldonas the God of Intrigue and Mischief is the current master of House Outlaw.

House Outlaw accepts non-good aligned individuals with chaotic ethos.

The candidates must be above 40th rank and must obey the rules strictly.