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Size : Small
Racial Penalty : 1
Possible Alignment(s) : Evil
Resists : Lightning(%100), Disease(%100), Slash(%30)
Vulners :
Inherent Abilities :
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Cleric, Channeler, Elementalist
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(17), Int:(25), Wis:(22), Dex:(16), Con:(21)

Modrons are the mechanical beings, hailing from the ordered plane of Mechanus (also known as Nirvana). A modron is never born, it is created from the very essence of Mechanus, they maintain the eternal order of Mechanus, working endlessly to keep the clockwork of the gigantic gears of their homeplane. Not even stopping for a brief moment of rest. A modron has a metal cubic body, a pair of small wings on its back (which are not powerful enough to lift their metal bodies), a pair of thin arms, and legs. On one of the faces of the cube, a face pressed to fit the cubic face of the cube is placed, which enables the modron to speak and see the world around. All modrons have an extremely ordered mind, rarely falling into dilemma, they collect data from their environment, and process it by using their perfectly ordered minds. Due to their nearly immortal lives, these creatures have an unending patience and a keen understanding of the multiverse. Modrons have a strict society in their homeplane, they are the embodiment of law and neutrality, but some of the modrons, so called as rogue-modrons fail their duty in Mechanus and become outcasts of their own plane, these creatures (even though it is impossibly hard for them) shift towards chaos.