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Size : Medium
Racial Penalty : 3
Possible Alignment(s) : Evil
Resists : Mental(%100), Cold(%30), Negative(%30)
Vulners : Light(%30)
Inherent Abilities : Flying, Infrared, Psionic Blast
Possible Class Types : Cleric, Channeler, Nightwalker, Necromancer, Elementalist
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(16), Int:(25), Wis:(21), Dex:(22), Con:(19)

Illithids, also known as the ‘Mind Flayers’, are the members of a race which hails from the unknown depths of the multiverse. They can be considered as the most ‘alien’ species of the multiverse. With their unique life cycles, fearsome diet and psionic stuff; they pretty well deserve this identification. A mature illithid resembles a human in many aspects, it has two arms and stands about 5-6 feet tall. But that is all that an illithid possesses in common with humans. Illithids have a purple-violet colored skin and milky white eyes, they have no body hair and only hearing holes for ears. The most weird thing on the body of an illithid is the tentacles covering their mouth, an illithid has four tentacles over his mouth, they use their tentacles to stabilize their victims before they break the skull and devour the brain of the victim. It is well known that, illithids feed on the grey matter of the brain of the living things, perhaps this is why they are feared by all the other living creatures. Illithids tend to live in the darkness, indeed they hate the light of the sun, under extensive light, they suffer much, their eyes burn, their cold, moist bodies suffer injuries because of the light. And besides they find it hard to maintain their concentration when casting spells under the daylight.