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Size : Small
Racial Penalty : 3
Possible Alignment(s) : Neutral
Resists : Fire(%30)
Vulners :
Inherent Abilities : Sneak, Rake
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Thief, Ranger, Monk, Nightwalker, Ninja
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(17), Int:(17), Wis:(19), Dex:(25), Con:(23)

Felars are catlike people having inhuman agility and stealth. Many sages claim that Felars are crosbreeds between wild cats and humans. There are many suggestions about the origins of Felars but none of them was proved to be true. They appeared from nowhere in the near history and they earned their place as well known rangers, thiefs and other stealthy specialists quickly. Felars sometimes walk on their fours, their bodies are about 5′ long and they weigh very little. The body of a felar is covered with fur, so they are vulnerable to fire and quickly get burned. Felars use their back claws to rake during the combat, making unexpected attacks suddenly. They can be of any alignment.