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Size : Small
Racial Penalty : 3
Possible Alignment(s) : Neutral
Resists : Poison(%100), Weapon(%30), Bash(%30), Disease(%100), Mental(%30)
Vulners : Fire(%30), Lightning(%30)
Inherent Abilities : Infrared, Pass Door, Flying, Gaseous Form, Incorporeality
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Monk, Channeler,
Elementalist, Ninja
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(17), Int:(23), Wis:(22), Dex:(23), Con:(18)

Ethereals are among the most strange beings of the multiverse, they are usually referred as ‘living mists’. Their homeworld have known to be the homeworld that changelings and felars have lived, for a long time. But the true origins of the ethereals lie in the quasielemental plane of steam. The ancestors of the ethereals lived in the misty lands of the elemental plane, they were uncivilized, and mindless creatures that feed and live on the endless sources of the ‘steam’. When some of these creatures were summoned by a powerful -probably changeling-wizard to their second homeworld, they’ve gone out of control and learned many things and managed to survive in a completely alien world. Passing millenia changed the primitive elemental beings into sentient creatures which adopted their lives to the rules of the prime material plane. A typical ethereal looks like a phantom formed of swirling mists, their strange bodies can materializ at certain points to physically interact with the world around them. Ethereals are civilized creatures, who built magnificient cities of mist in their homelands through the use of powerful magics, they’ve learned to control. They possess a deep understanding of things around them, but unfortunately their misty bodies lack the strength and durability which most races possess. Ethereals either follow the path of light or neutrality, thosewho fail to pursue these paths are shunned and called as ‘disgraced’ ones in the ethereal society.

INCORPOREALITY : An ethereal’s body partly manifests in the physical world, most of the creature’s body resides in the ethereal. Thus, the creature is practically incorporeal, but in order to maintain their grip on the physical equipment, ethereals unconsciously manifest themselves in the physical world. And even for a creature like an ethereal, it is almost impossible to switch between ethereal and prime, so they are usually on the prime. But in the heat of battle, ethereals quickly switch between prime and the ethereal, thus protect themselves from physical blows. This ability to switch between planes or worlds, becomes easier as an ethereal gains rank in his/her profession.