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Size : Medium
Racial Penalty : 2
Possible Alignment(s) : Evil
Resists : Poison(%30), Disease(%30)
Vulners : Drowning(%30), Light(%30)
Inherent Abilities : Infrared
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Anti-Paladin, Nightwalker, Ninja
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(23), Int:(16), Wis:(17), Dex:(22), Con:(22)

Duergars are the outcasts of Dwarven society. They were once dwarves living on the surface of the world with their cousins. But they were tricked and joined the forces of darkness. They were banished from surface and from light, but in return they were gifted with magic. Duergars can learn the dark arts of magic and use them in their unending struggle against the dwarves. They are slightly longer than an average dwarf and a bit more slender, their dark coal-like skin shows their dark origins. Duergars have dark coloured hair like brown and black, their eyes burn with an unending flame of hatred, they usually have reddish brown eyes, some of them can even have completely red flaming eyes. Duergars have infravision which enables them to track their victims in the depths of the underdark. The radiation of the underdark caused the Duergar to become vulnerable to light, and like their cousins they hate water and they are vulnerable to water based attacks. The Duergar only walk the path of darkness and spread evil to all races and the realm. But above anything they hate their cousins, dwarves, they try to eliminate dwarves whenever its possible.