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Size : Large
Racial Penalty : 2
Possible Alignment(s) : Good
Resists : Bash(%30) Slash(%30)
Vulners :
Inherent Abilities : Enhanced Damage, Mace, Harden Armor
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(25), Int:(17), Wis:(18), Dex:(19), Con:(22)

Cyclops are a tribe of giant armourers who hail from the distant lands of Olympus. These peaceful giants always lived among themselves crafting armors of incredible quality, their skill were blessed by the gods and they were accepted as the astersmiths who worked among the gods themselves. When the days of peace ended and the gods of Olympus waged war on titans they stand at the side of gods and fought with best of their ability. A typical cyclops looks like a giant human, its height reaching to 15 feet, their gigantic bodies are like tree trunks covered with iron muscles. Most distinct feature of a cyclops is the single eye which is placed at the upper part of its head, this single eye may have intresting colors such as red, However this single eye brings many disadvantages to the cyclops, their vision can be darkened easily, be it by spell or some dirty tricks. These giant creatures as armorers may use their skill on any armor to strengthen it, even tough peaceful creatures, they are deadly in battle,
using huge clubs or maces, even tree trunks, cyclops fight with courage. All cyclops follow the path of light, some fallen ones have existed in the history, but never been accepted and always shunned by the cyclops society. As huge giants the cyclops are not bright creatures, but they have a slightly advanced wisdom to understand and judge the things around them, of course their physical might is seldom matched by other races.