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Cloud Giant

Size : Large
Racial Penalty : 1
Possible Alignment(s) : Neutral
Resists : Weapon(%30), Bash(%30)
Vulners : Mental(%30), Lightning(%30)
Inherent Abilities : Flying, Enhanced Damage, Door Bash, Bash
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Cleric, Ranger
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(25), Int:(16), Wis:(17), Dex:(18), Con:(24)

These mighty people once lived in the mountains north of Thalos. They lived by themselves in colonies and villages. This was their way of life until people started exploring and expanding into their lands. The cloud giants immediately took up arms against these people and tried to defend the invasion. The cloud giants soon found themselves outnumbered by the humans and other races invading their lands. They gave up and accepted this new way of life. Eventually groups of cloud giants dispersed throughout Thera, and they became just as “normal” as any other race. Cloud giants are the largest sentient species in the land. They average around 12-13′ in height, although some have been sighted who are 27’tall. Due to their size, they tend to resist all blows well. They excel at bashing and enhanced damage. They have the ability to fly by their will. Cloud giants are neutral only.