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Size : Medium
Racial Penalty : 2
Possible Alignment(s) : Good
Resists : Magic(%30)
Vulners : Cold(%30)
Inherent Abilities : Infrared
Possible Class Types : Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Ninja
(Maximum Potential)
: Str:(23), Int:(18), Wis:(23), Dex:(21), Con:(16)

Aasimars are the rare miracles of the multiverse. These marvelous creatures are the outcome of a love between a celestial being and a mortal. These creatures are stunningly beautiful, their skin is a white which is as pure as a marble, their faces shines with an inner light, the immortal, angelic blood of their ancestors shows itself in many different ways, which makes everyone who looks at an aasimar feel envy and astonishment. Aasimars are mixed up with elves most of the time, due to their physical appearance, many of the aasimar look like silver elves, with their silvery or white hair, slender and hairless bodies, and pointed
ears. These beautiful creatures always carry an aura of sorrow and bitterness with them. The powerful, celestial blood in their veins grants them the strength of angels, the patience of immortals, and an incredible grace and swiftness. Aasimars are always trusted and respected beings, they are loners, but can always find a respected place in every society. Since they have the pure blood of the celestial beings of the upper planes in their veins, aasimars usually follow the path of light, some of them who has thinned celestial blood in their bodies tend to shift to neutrality in some rare occasions.